Tuesday, 8 January 2019


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 On today's post, I'll be giving 3 tips to help you look more amazing on mixed prints.
Mixed prints: mixing two pieces that have prints on them just like I'm doing on the photos. I love to mix prints because it makes one look bold, and being that bold is my style, you can tell that's my go-to outfit.  There are certain rules to follow and I'll be sharing them on this post, let get right into it:

Tip number one: match bigger print over smaller ones, on my photo, the vintage has a bigger print than the Ankara skirt, and this made my outfit look better.
Tip number two: pair with neutral accessories, this makes your outfit less busy and your print starts out.
Tip number three: match outfit with a similar element, if you look at my outfit closely, the colour blue is a similar element. This gives the pieces a 'we belong together' sense.

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Zobo juice is made from dried rosella, it is really nutritious and beneficial, it prevents cardiovascular diseases, it contains vitamin C, antidepressant, helps in anxiety, weight loss and reduces menstrual cramps - I'm a living testimony, this year came with all goodies, insomnia and cramps(yes, I never did have cramps) after taking this homemade zobo juice I could stand on my feet, somebody say hallelujah.

For this juice, we are going to need, Rosella(zobo), ginger and any sweetener of your choice(as you can see in the photo I'm using jolly juice)πŸ‘‡
Rinse the rosella with cold water and pour into a pot, add water desirably(depending on the quantity of rosella though) peel and grind your ginger and add it to the pot on the fire allow to boil for at least 30minutes, bring it down and allow to cool, then sieve the rosella to get juice, add your desired sweetener and here you have it
Drink at least 3 times a week, you can preserve it by putting it in your refrigerator or store in a cool place in a plastic container.

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Monday, 7 January 2019


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Today, we have the Uyo stylist on the blog, he's here to tell us 2018 fashion trends, I met the Uyo stylist last year in a free film boot camp I talked about attending on 2018 moments which was organized by Aniebiet Francis. He has styled few people in Akwa Ibom for events and also assisted in styling models for the ameyaya concert.
He'd be telling us about those fashion pieces/styles that went viral in 2018.

Every year, we get to see a wave of New trends come about on the fashion scene with Street style being one of the most popular trends this year.

So for 2018, some biggest trends in streetwear were tactical wear like chest rig, dressed up slides or mixes brands, cycling shorts, fanny pack and track pants with stripes and branding logos otherwise know as (logomania).

#1 Fanny pack trend: Has to be one of the rare styles of the year, at least everyone now owns a piece of a fanny pack. I can attest to this one, I bought a fanny pack last year.
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#2 The chest rig was originally designed for soldiers to put their guns and hikers but fashion Influencers fell for it as an accessory making it Emerged has one of the hottest new accessories for 2018 with lots of celebrities rocking it.

#3. Denim fever! Denim has always been n vogue but 2018 saw diff shades of this trend.

#4. Big ugly shoes with luxury brands like Balenciaga taking over the streetwear with Big kicks. This trend was massive.

#4 Cycling shorts? Who knew this trend could be one of the hottest, lots of female celebrity rocked it.

#5 Track Suits: To go along with the cosy aesthetic that has been trending this year, track pants gained traction throughout 2018. Several streetwear brands, as well as fast fashion chains, all released track pants this year.

#6 Raffia Bags: The raffia bag trend got summer 2018 looking colourful with great crafted bags from Zara and other luxurious brands.

I'll like to add the white glasses trend: fashion bloggers were all in for this one, I wasn't left out too either.

These are certainly not all of the trends for 2018, but definitely, some that stood out this year...

Looking forward to exploring more trends on the New Year!

I hoped you enjoyed it??

#theuyostylist πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

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Sunday, 6 January 2019


Amazing people welcome to another blog post, remember the two friends i talked about on this post and this post well Y'all are meeting one now and the other just got engaged, isn't this year a good year already?

On today's post, we'd be talking(or you could say typing) on fitness, first of let me introduce Eyere Ekuta, my friend, a martial art expertise and fitness coach, she started sport at age 7, she won her first championship at age 13, cadet championship, Abuja, 2009, silver in judo, in 2017, Nigeria University Games(Nuga) at Benue state she won bronze in judo and team gold in Scrabble, in West African University Games (WAUG) she won bronze in judo,  team silver in Scrabble, so she's not a small woman, you should be applauding by now, here she comesπŸ‘‡
Question: what is fitness?

Answer: Fitness is being able to go through your scheduled daily activities without fatigue and still having enough energy to take you through your leisure and any emergency occurrence.

Question: how can a person keep fit?

Answer: By working out
Eating healthy
Being happy
Treating yourself right when you're sick, Being fit entails your,  physical,  social, mental and spiritual fitness, So you need to mind what you think as well as you mind what you eat Because you can only have a sound mind in a sound body.

Question: how can fitness prevent sickness?

Answer: Fitness can prevent some sickness and fitness cannot prevent some it all depends on how you take care of yourself health which is also in line with your fitness.

Question: What advice would you give to my readers on fitness?

Answer: They should not see fitness or training has hard work or punishment,  but rather it should be part of them it should be part of their diet too.

On my previous post, i talked about fitness as a way of life, i hope you learn a thing or two from this blog post, feel free to tell me what area of fitness you'll love to know about or ask any question at all about fitness via the comment box, I'll be glad to share.


 Welcome to my blog again amazing people, I'm lowkey excited about the reviews and comments I'm getting on my blog, I love you guys and will always give you all my very best.

This year I want everyone reading my blog to have a better life, that's why I stay up to create valuable contents for you all, on today's post I'll be sharing 12 simple amazing tips to help you have a great year and I hope you enjoy it.

Tip number one: feed well, yes I'm a foodie and I'm almost screaming feeding is next to Godliness, in a day I make sure I don't miss breakfast, no matter how broke I am or how little i have, i must take breakfast before i starts my day's job, it has a way of making day perfect, making me less angry at anyone or anything - a hungry man is an angry man you know, so start your day with food, good food and the rest is history.

Tip number two: stay fit, it has to do with nutrition and workout, take a walk, clear your head, go to the gym, go for fitness classes, jog whenever you can, just keep fit, eating well is key too though(i love food and i know).
Tip number three: get closer to God, as much as we hate to admit it, it's true that this election will be bloody, i don't want to hear any bad news so please get closer to your creator, pray, do your part and leave the rest for him.

Tip number four: start working towards that big dream: I have a friend whose dream is to go abroad, study photography, come back and become the next big thing(she'll read this post and she'll kill me) but she doesn't know the basics of photography, I'm not sharing this story so you'd laugh at her nope, I'm just trying to say we all have that big dreams but start working towards it, if you don't have money to attend a photography class then read online, YouTube is there for you, contents are everywhere, you can just sit out with photographers and ask some questions about the camera and all, little by little you'll become a pro even before going outside the country, and going there would be to add more knowledge and not start from the scratch. If you want to become Naomi Campbell of Nigeria, start by joining an agency.
Tip number five: start a part-time job, a student? Start something to get extra income, you work 12 hours a day? Get a part-time job, you are always free on weekends? Instead of partying every weekend, get a part-time job, this could be, dancing for shows, ushering, designing for brands, hyping brands, developing contents for brands, just start something.

Tip number six: save more, spend less, buy what you need not what you want, don't go totally broke this year, E go bad gan!

Tip number seven: put more efforts, in whatever you're doing, be best, learn at odds hours, last year, i remember waking up at night to learn how to catwalk, fixing catwalk rehearsals with my friends just so i could be better and yes, I'm really good at it now, so put more efforts and practise more.

Tip number 8: mind your business, this is the next healthy tips after eating, i heard that people who don't mind their business, have no business nor mind, so mind your business, it keeps your focus, helps you improve and get better.
Tip number 9: make new and helpful friends, i can't stress this enough, friends can make you, last year, the two friends i met made my year a better one, there were always there to support and vibe with me, the taught me confidence in another level, friends are everything, go out and find good ones.

Tip number 10: prepare your own meals, this saves money, helps you know what you're taking into your body and keeps you healthy as well.
Tip number 11: give zero fucks, now this simply means don't care about everything, they think you're not enough, so what? They think they are better, who they help? Careless about people's opinions about you, you're mighty and strong, whatever happens, you'll still succeed, people opinion about you don't really count, only yours does.

Tip number 12: learn the act of self-confidence, without confidence, you'll never become whatever you want to be, so would you rather die unfulfilled than gain confidence? I guess not.

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Bonus tip: learn a skill, start a new class and glow, cheers to a better 2019

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